Technology Wastewater cleaning

short description of the Wastewater cleaning

A Waste Heat Recovery Unit or WHRU is a heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream. The hot gas stream can be the exhaust gas from a gas turbine or a diesel engine or a waste gas from industry or refinery. The WHRU working medium can be water, either pure or with TEG added, thermal oil or other heating mediums. The aim of the WHRU is to recover the heat in the waste gas and transferring it to the working medium which again is heat exchanged with the goal fluid. A common application for a WHRU is for heating of other fluids as oil or other process streams and is extensively used in oil-related industries. A WHRU is different from a Heat Recovery Steam Generator HRSG in the sense that the heating medium does not change phase. Compared with the HRSG the WHRU consist only of the Economizer section. Some WHRUs include supplemental, or duct firing. These additional burners provide additional energy to the WHRU, which allows for a) increasing the heat input to the working fluid, or b) provides the equivalent heat input if the waste gas is unavailable.
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